Big Monti Amundson

Big Monti’s story is as tried and true as the old saying “have guitar will travel.” Rocking the blues all over Europe for more than 25 years is his legacy. Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, England and Scotland to be exact. For the better part of three decades, he has split his time equally between living in Portland, Oregon and Amsterdam, until the fall of 2016, when Big Monti moved his base of operation to Nashville, Tennessee.


Showing signs of interest and natural musical ability at an early age, the purpose of his life was made clear when, on his 13th birthday, his parents took him to see BB King in concert. From that moment on, he was in and committed to the musician’s life, wherever it may take him. Fast forward to the present and Big Monti’s journey is as natural a progression as a 12-bar blues. 


Big Monti’s career took a sharp turn in 1991 when a European record label offered a contract to his popular regional act, The Blubinos, and landed the band the headline slot at The Handzame Blues Festival in Belgium. The band turned down the contract offer, but the success of this one performance set in motion a whole new direction for Amundson. 


The Blubinos disbanded that next summer with several European label offers still on the table. Free now to pursue a solo career, Big Monti moved his operation to Europe; first to Clermont-Fd, France, but ultimately deciding to base out of Amsterdam. There he signed on with Tramp Records, a division of the CRS label.  Tornado Booking Agency then added Big Monti to their roster of fine American blues acts, such as The Paladins and Little Charlie & The Nightcats. Extensive touring followed the 1993 European release of “The Mean 18.”


Big Monti has released 10 solo albums and has shared the stage with many legendary acts, including Albert King, John Lee Hooker, Luther Alison, Johnny Winter, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Gatemouth Brown, Stray Cats and Joan Jett. 
Big Monti is a natural-born blues rocker with a style all his own. When he takes the stage, you’re in for more than just the usual extended guitar solos; Big Monti plays and sings larger than life. Often compared to his childhood hero, Johnny Winter, Big Monti’s style of the blues comes in tightly wound shots, straight from the heart, and cuts through your soul. As real as it gets.


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