Author: BigMonti

Trails End Slidefest

Last night at The Trails End Saloon was one of the most satisfying guest jams yet. Singer/songwriter/guitarist, Joe McMurrian, is an amazing musician! It also doesn’t hurt to have John Mazzocco and Edwin Coleman III as your rhythm section! Wow! We sounded like a finely tuned machine and not guys playing songs for the first time. What great listeners! If you haven’t made it out to the Trails End for our Wednesday featured artist jam, well, make it a plan! See you there!

Updated website

I’m sitting here in my office with Kelly Asay doing some updates on the Big Monti website. He’s doing the work and I’m doing the distracting! What I know about reading code and modifying code could fill a small shot glass. “Hey Kelly, look at this video of Eric Gales playing ‘Little Wing.’ Is that the shit or what?!!” “Hey Kelly, look at this video of BB King at Sing Sing Prison! He’s at the top of his game here…” “Hey Kelly, ever listen to Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott’s? Oh, my god, Tal Wilkenfeld is hot!” Hmmm… I think I’m being ignored. Oh but hey! The website is up and running! Check it out!